Robot Factory?

Hi I’m Steve,


I’m known variously around ‘tinternet as ChoccyHobNob, MrRobot, A8Bit, and other silly names that have been part of my life for longer than I care to remember.

I like to design and draw, illustrate and make things. When I create, I have always given the things away to anyone who wants to make them as well. The second question I get asked whenever I do this, is “Where can I get one of these made?” and the answer has always been, “you have to make it yourself”.

Some people have requested permission to sell my designs in the past and I’ve usually said yes, but there are some designs that no one steps up to take on, and some that just get taken without permission.

Mr Robot

This lack of consistency and people profiting off my work without asking were the drivers that led to me creating this website. Here you will find everything I make, available to purchase, made to order, for reasonable prices, in the spirit of community and fairness.

If you have something that you would like me to make a case for, contact me. I have a standing offer that if you are willing to ship it to me, I will model it and make a case for it, then I’ll ship your thing back to you in the case and offer the design here for other people to enjoy. I don’t own all these devices and without one to work from it’s impossible to make a case for it. All the case designs on this site were modelled on other people’s things, and I thank them for their trust and faith in me.

Nothing that I make is fixed, if you need something special or custom, I’m easy to contact and open to making customizations.

This store is still new. To start it will contain just the 3D printed stuff I make. I will eventually be making production runs of all the other hardware I produce. I’ll be producing that in kit or fully assembled form. Finally, I’ll also be offering the custom artwork that I make.