Free Workshops

Soldering and Basic Electronics

Handle a soldering iron and learn the art and master the skill of soldering. Critical to anything with circuitry, soldering is the first major stepping stone of become a maker, an inventor, and an engineer. The second major stepping stone, following the electronics route, is to be able to identify, understand, and utilize basic circuitry components. Here, we’ll teach the basics of resistors, capacitors, diodes, LED’s, and the basic ideas behind all of them.


In these workshops we’ll focus on multiple languages depending on the workshop and what the students want to learn, these will be C, C++, RobotC, Python, and Java. In most of these classes we’ll be implementing our code into real devices and circuits that we build!


Learn how to design mechanical systems with Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor. Used by real engineers and roboticist in industry, learn how to design like the pro’s with Computer Aided Modeling (CAD) and be able to “digitally prototype” designs and create polished and function systems on the first build.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Learn how to program and utilize the Arduino microprocessor or the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to unlock the possibilities of robots and complex circuitry and empower kids to begin creating truly intelligent and useful devices. Kids will work hands on with the devices they will learn how to use the GPIO pins, device specific libraries, how to plan a complex program, and more!


These workshops are created by student demand, be it a radio, toaster, or even a computer we can have the students learning how things work and how to make them in a hands-on way inside the Robot Factory.