What’s Next?

Robots, Robots and More Robots

This is The Robot Factory so we will continue to build robots! The goal is to move beyond EV3 Lego Robotics to more complex technologies. The Robot Factory will introduce and educate students using technology from Arduino and Rasberry Pi.

What is Arduino?

What is Rasberry Pi?

Let’s Create Games! (Shh …More Programming)

One of the goals of EV3 Lego robotics is to teach students basic programming concepts. Students don’t realize they’re programming – they just enjoy building the robots!

The next step is to dabble in a real programming language … um, we mean create games! The Robot Factory plans on introducing “friendly” programming such as Scratch … then to Python … and on to Java.

What is Scratch?

What is Python?

Stop Motion Animation

This is the coolest thing you probably never heard of! Stop animation is the process of taking pictures of a still object and “flip” them in sequence to make a movie.

You can use just about any material to create a movie using Stop Motion Animation. Clay and Lego Bricks are popular material. The Robot Factory will use Lego Bricks to create a Brickfilm.

What is a Brickfilm?