Learn How to Code!

The Robot Factory is excited to announce our new
“Learn How to Code” sessions for kids every Tuesday!

Why is coding important for kids?

It improves creative and critical thinking skills.
Let’s be honest — not everyone is great at math or science.  With coding, they don’t need to be.  Coding strengthens creative thinking skills by teaching students to use their brains in new, fun ways to solve a set of problems.

It builds self-confidence.
In coding, there is no single “right” answer.  That means students are empowered to explore and discover their own path to a solution.

It teaches a new language.
It’s no secret that learning any new language is easier when taught early.  The same goes with coding.  When taught to children, the skills learned from coding have the power to positively impact them for the rest of their lives.

It helps subject mastery.
Whether through traditional lessons or game playing, programming always leads students to increase their knowledge.  The more they practice, the more they understand what inputs affect certain outcomes and in turn, helps them understand important concepts.

It strengthens collaboration.
Programming is often a team effort that utilizes the individual strengths of all.  One person might be the lead programmer, while another specializes in visual design.  This collaborative effort not only leads to a better end product, but it builds teamwork and social abilities.

It encourages curiosity.
Kids are naturally curious.  As a coder, they’ll transition from asking “Why?” to the more challenging “Why not?”  With the freedom to explore during the development process, kids will become increasingly confident as they find reward in taking risks.

And it’s just fun.
Kids love to have fun! You love to see them learn.  By collaborating with other kids in an empowering environment, your child will learn new skills while they play — and you’ll see their improving progress.

Sign up today, or come by on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM.