Who are the instructors?

The instructors are college educated and have extensive experience with robotics. All staff go through a training process and are fingerprint background-checked prior to teaching.

Can my child jump right into an intermediate or advanced class?

It depends. If your child has been in another EV3 specific Lego robotics class, then possibly. Most of the time, the student will get more out of our classes if they start from the beginning. Most Lego robotics classes were taught using the NXT version of Mindstorms. The concepts are similar but the kits and the software are different.

What if my child gets lost?

If the student starts from the beginning, our instructors will make sure they find their way through the class. If you put your child in the intermediate or advanced class when they should have started one step down … they may feel lost. The instructors can slow down the material in the class, or work more closely with a student if needed, but they won’t be able to teach material that they missed by skipping a previous class.

Do students bring their own computer to class?

No. All technology and materials are provided for them. This includes the computers and software needed for programming the robots.

Can my child bring stuff home from class?

Unfortunately not. The materials used to build and program the robotics are very expensive. We do, however, take pictures and videos of our students’ creations.

Can I register over the phone?

Registrations are only accepted by mail or in person. Both the payment for the class and the registration form need to be processed to guarantee placement in the class.

Where do I register?

You can register by mail as shown on the General Info page or by visiting the location of the camp. Remember, the mailing address and the physical location for the Robotics classes are different.

Should I sign up for more than one camp at a time?

Definitely! We expect classes to fill quickly because they are limited in size. Each class is a building block to get the student ready for the next.