After School Robotics

After School Program

This program is an after-school enrichment program where children continue to learn, build, and program robots. The program is split into three sections: tutoring robotics, projects and workshops. All programs take place at the same time and at the same place. Learn from college engineering students and graduates who have a passion for robotics and teaching.

Tutoring Robotics

Interested in learning robotics, have a specific question or goal you’re working on, or want to learn a new skill related to electrical, mechanical, or computer engineering? This is where you can get those questions answered and acquire those skills. Learn hands-on as tutors teach how to test an idea, or plan and design a project, while filling in the gaps of information along the way.


Join together with a group of your peers to create a team working on a project you’re all interested in. This isn’t like your school’s team projects – projects are created by the students who voice collective interest in a certain idea. These projects are not mandatory and members of each project are chosen by the students inside the project.


Ever wanted to learn how to solder?  How about learn circuitry, or programming maybe? Inside The Robot Factory we have the resources and know-how to teach kids how to do all these things and more. These workshops focus on empowering kids to be able to think of an idea independently and then teaching them the how-to so that they can make it a reality. We do this via dedicated classroom style hands-on workshops.

Who Can Attend

This program is for everyone! We expect to have a mix of beginner students to advanced. The group dynamic and flow of the course between tutor based and project based lends itself perfectly to varying skill levels. We expect the age range of the group to be mostly 5th grade through 8th grade. However, we will see both children as young as 4th grade and as old as 9th and 10th grade in this program.

What Time Is Class?

The first 10-week session will run from January 4th to March 17th, 2016.
The second 10-week session will run from March 28th to May 26th.
The enrichment classes will be offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday and Friday the class will go from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm. On Wednesday the class will go from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

How Much Does It Cost?

Coming to The Robot Factory is easy!
Our after-school enrichment program starts on Jan. 4th and runs for 10 weeks.  Parents can choose a day that is convenient for them (Mon, Wed, or Fri), and their child can come in on that day each week.  The second 10-week session starts March 28th. Registration is currently open for both sessions and the intense 1-week summer courses.

Each 10-week session includes the full curriculum, team robotics, 1-on-1 instruction and evaluation, pictures & video package, recommendation letter, and completion certificate.  The cost per session is $250, or $400 for both sessions this semester (January to the end of May).

You can also purchase an Anytime Pass or buy them in a bundle.

01 Anytime Pass = $35
05 Anytime Passes = $150
10 Anytime Passes = $250
20 Anytime Passes = $400

How Can I Use My Anytime Pass?

Whenever you want! You can have a rigid schedule and come 1 day per week. Or, go crazy … come 2 days 1 week, skip a week and then come 1 day. They are your days – use them for a schedule that is convenient for you! You won’t pay for missed days, days that we are closed, or for holidays.